Storage & Handling


  • Store panels on level surface and space to allow air movement around panels
  • Protect from rain, snow, sun and mechanical damage
  • Keep panels six to twelve inches off the ground
  • Cover panels with good quality tarps to protect them from precipitation and ultraviolet (UV) damage

Storage of Lumber


  • Use wide fabric, corner/edge protectors or slings that will not mar the wood. If chains or cables are used, provide blocking or padding to protect panels from damage
  • Do not walk on unprotected MPP panels or handle the material with soiled hands or equipment
  • Unload trucks and move panels with lifting equipment. Do not drag, dump or drop panels. Off-loading equipment should be specified to the maximum panel weight of the project
  • Handling 2” and 3” panels may require special rigging or support as they should not be slung

When Applying Heat to Buildings

  • Gradually increase the heat in the building to normal temperatures over a two to three week period, to ensure a gradual change in the moisture content of the MPP
  • A slow time for the wood moisture content to equalize with environmental moisture content is desirable
  • Do not directly heat the MPP with a forced air system
  • Regulate all heating units to avoid temperatures of 100° F at the ceiling
  • Maintain normal relative humidity in the building and monitor if necessary
  • Important: We recommend applying the final finish to the MPP before heat is applied (If applicable). This will help to regulate the change in moisture content


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