Freres’ commitment to sustainability starts in the forest. We support a robust Oregon Forest Practices Act which uses the latest silvicultural science to inform and direct forest management activities protecting our environment and wildlife. Stakeholders can be assured of this commitment, as Freres is also certified by the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), a third party accredited certification body that provides forest certification to give consumers peace of mind that the products they purchase originate from sustainably managed forests that protect economic, social and environmental benefits. This ATFS certification means we stand among the best woodland stewards in America.

Sustaining Timberland

Freres Timber’s 17,000 acres of timberland are harvested on a sustained yield basis. Freres replants more than 350,000 trees annually on private land and timber sale properties. This allows Freres Timber to provide high-quality timber today, while managing a healthy forest and providing timber production for future generations.


Wasting Nothing

We have a deep respect for the wood fiber in our products, and the forests and trees that fiber comes from. We use 100 percent of the fiber delivered to our plants. Our veneer peeling process has higher recovery from a log and use a smaller diameter log than traditional lumber manufacturing. Our facility can peel a log as small as 6 inches in diameter!

Freres produces lumber from residual core from our veneer peeling operations, and sell residuals such as bark dust, chips and sawdust which are used in a variety of markets such as residential construction, farms and nurseries. If there is no other marketable use for a wood product, we are able to combust that material in our cogeneration facility. Roughly 60% to 70% of biomass combusted originates from reclaimed urban wood sources.

We generate heat for our own processes as well as supply power to the local grid, powering 5,000 homes on an average annual basis. This electricity is also roughly equivalent to the electrical usage at all of our facilities combined!

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