Featured Projects

Case Study - SCSD

Santiam Canyon School District showcases the versatility, quality, performance and natural beauty of Freres Lumber’s patented, engineered wood Mass Ply Panels and Mass Ply Lam beams that are featured throughout the district’s new junior/senior high school, elementary school cafeteria, new gymnasium and various other site improvements for its schools.

Case Study - A-Frame

This traditional A-frame design is modernized with the use of Freres Lumber’s pre-manufactured Mass Ply Panels, which also allowed the builder to complete the home’s core structure in just two days.

Case Study - Gurnet Point

Project One, a four-story, mixed-use residential building in Oakland, California, is one of the first projects in the U.S. to utilize cross-laminated timber made from structural composite lumber. This ‘proof-of-concept’ project was undertaken as a means to rethink traditional components, assemblies, and construction methods in an effort to maximize the promise and potential of off-site fabrication. Freres Lumber’s precisely cut Mass Ply Panels were utilized for faster onsite construction.


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