Current Job Openings

Scarf Line Operator

The Scarf Line Operator reports to the MPP Plant Manager and be assigned primarily to a scarf line. The scarf process entails cutting a joint in a 4’x8’ laminated panel, applying glue, and pressing and curing the glued joint. Additional processes include sanding, cutting panels, and stacking.

CAD Drafter

The CAD Drafter reports to the Sales Manager and will provide support in the design, fabrication, modification, evaluation in support of manufacturing operations, specifically for the Mass Plywood Plant. The incumbent will use CAD and CAM works business information systems to accurately prepare drawing and assembly packages, bills of material and other documentation as required to ensure the highest level of profitability and customer satisfaction.

Sales Engineer

The Sales Engineer reports to the Sales Manager and will generate new business and ensure growth of existing accounts. Assesses potential application of company products or services and offers solutions that meet customer needs. Researches and presents reports showing potential customers the cost benefit of purchasing company products or services. Provides technical training to clients and communicates customer feedback for future product developments. Uses technical knowledge of product offerings to support and build sales.

Project Coordinator

Provides support for various projects. Responsible for overseeing the successful completion of projects. Responsible for the creation, organization, execution and completion of specific projects. This includes coordinating with relevant employees, setting deadlines, communicating with owners about the state of the project, ensuring projects stay on track and on budget, and adjusting if necessary, to meet new requirements. Work under limited supervision. A great degree of creativity and latitude is required. Hands on and willing to give assistance where needed. Contract experience preferred.

Truck Driver - Flatbed

Truck Driver Flatbed Operator reports to the Highway Truck Manager and is responsible for delivering company products and back hauls material to the company location.


Construct, install, repair, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial electrical systems. Coordinates work with plant mechanical maintenance crews. Troubleshoots, advises, designs, and implements plant solutions in coordination with plant management.


Millwrights repair, maintain, and perform preventative maintenance on veneer and plywood machinery and are responsible for the maintenance of the mill and processes during a shift

Plywood Associate

Employees may be trained to work in one or all the following titles : Dryer Feeder, Dryer Grader, or LUL Patcher. Utility P3 is an entry level position and on-the-job training is provided

Log Truck Driver

Log Truck Driver Operator reports to the Log Truck Manager and is responsible for delivering logs from logging units to mill sites. Training on log truck specific instructions will be provided.

Green Veneer Offbearer

Grading veneer is fast, difficult work which requires pulling, sorting, and stacking green (wet) sheets of veneer according to quality for later use in the plywood and engineered wood manufacturing process.