Architectural Appearance

Standard Grade – Plywood D-Grade

Solid Knots allowed to 1”, no quality limit
Open defect limited to ¼”
Splits limited to 24” length

Plus Grade – Nickel C

Specie Grade

Achieved with plywood overlay

Appearance Grade (High Density or HD veneer Grade)

Less than eight knots dime-nickel C size (1/4” to ½”) on the face of the panel
Splits allowed to 6” (green)
Open knots and splits will require field repair by the customer. Veneer is not repaired during manufacturing.

Final Finish

  • Freres does not provide in-house staining or finishing services
  • Apply stain to a small test section as different colors of stain bring out different characteristics in the wood
  • When finish sanding is needed, sand in the direction of the grain using 120 grit sandpaper
  • Follow the application directions for whatever finish product used

Weather Conditions

  • MPP panels are susceptible to adverse weather conditions and precautions must be taken to protect them
  • If unprotected, rain and moisture will cause staining of MPP, as with traditional plywood
  • If bolts are used with steel connections, ensure they are free of oil to avoid staining
  • Galvanized bolts and connectors will minimize staining

Appearance and Finishing of MPP

UV Damage

  • If a portion of the panel has been left uncovered in the sun, UV damage will occur
  • All wood species change color over time as a result of exposure to natural light and oxidation of the wood fibers
  • Over the long term, the color differences will even out and in most instances will disappear
  • If it is deemed necessary, the color difference can be corrected in the short term by manually sanding the affected areas to remove the sun-tanned marks on the beam


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