Our History

Freres Lumber Co., Inc was established in 1922 when T.G. Freres was approached by a banker and asked to take over a financially troubled sawmill in the North Santiam Canyon. The Company operated around the North Fork of the Santiam River until the mid-1940’s.

Lumber planing and loading facilities were constructed in Lyons, Oregon in 1941 where the Company is currently headquartered. All sawmill operations were moved to Lyons between 1947 and 1948 with the construction of a new sawmill.

Freres History

In 1959, as plywood became increasingly competitive with lumber, T.G entered into a joint venture with Willamette Industries to build and operate a large log veneer manufacturing plant named Freres Veneer Co. The Company built a small-log veneer plant of its own in 1963, and eventually purchased Willamette’s share in Freres Veneer Co in 1980, which ended a 21 year relationship.

Since that time, Freres Lumber Co., Inc. has steadily grown with the purchase of additional facilities. In 1989 the company purchased a neighboring veneer plant and veneer drying facility. The veneer drying facility is currently operated at the Company’s facility in Lyons. In 1998 the Company purchased a plywood plant out of bankruptcy in order to vertically integrate operations. In 2007 the Company constructed a cogeneration facility onsite, supplying steam for veneer drying and block conditioning, and delivering electricity to the surrounding area. Throughout the Company’s long life, we have focused on maintaining modern manufacturing facilities, providing high-quality wood products, and providing family wage jobs to the local area.

Photo Album

Freres Family Patriarchs 1903
This picture of the Freres family patriarchs was taken in 1903. From left to right are Peter Freres Sr., Peter Freres Jr., T.G. Freres, and Wendell Freres. Our company's founder, T.G. was about 5 years old when this photo was taken.
T.G. Freres 1930
T.G. Freres, who founded Freres Lumber in 1922
TG Freres 1924
T.G. Freres had a team of horses that was used for logging and road building.
Frere's Lumber First Log Truck 1930
Frere's Lumber First Log Truck, circa 1930
Vacant Hand Hewed Log House
Vacant, Hand-Hewed Log House is Sturdy Tribute to Axeman's Skill.
Oregon Timber Roots are Deep
Oregon Timber Roots are Deep
Log Trucks
Early logging in Oregon
Freres Plants 1920s to 2018
A faded shot of the Freres plants from the 1920’s to 2018