Freres Timber

Freres Timber owns and operates over 17,000 acres of timberland, primarily located in the Santiam Canyon. Harvesting is performed on a sustained yield basis, and is managed to provide high quality timber for current and future generations.

Freres has a history of being mindful about its environmental impact and has earned its place as a wood product industry leader in sustainable practices through commitment to forest stewardship and continued investment in innovative products and processes.

Crane with Logs

Sustaining Timberland

Freres’s commitment to sustainability starts in the forest. All of their wood comes from a 150-mile radius from the mill and is harvested from sustainably managed forests as a renewable resource. Freres Timber’s 17,000 acres of timberland are harvested on a sustained yield basis. This allows Freres Timber to provide high-quality timber today, while managing a healthy forest and providing timber production for future generations.

As a veneer-based product, MPP allows the use of small diameter trees. The preferred tree type can be found in forests that have a suppressed understory; these trees grow slower, are smaller in diameter and are not the best candidate for dimensional lumber. However, they produce denser wood due to the slower growth and therefore yield higher strength values. The veneer process can recover this fiber effectively and efficiently; and therefore, a stronger and stiffer Mass Plywood Panel can be made.

Thinning operations are a perfect means of harvest for these types of trees. Thinning is considered a low impact method of harvest and helps to promote a healthy forest. This is particularly helpful given the excessive wildland fires that are a serious threat to the health and safety of our communities. Thinning would reduce the fuel load and thus reduce the intensity and the spread of wildland fires.

Wasting Nothing

Freres uses 100 percent of the fiber delivered to its plants from timber harvesting. That means the company uses a zero waste business model. Freres’s veneer products are made with a lathe that peels thin layers from logs as small as 6 inches in diameter.

This process reduces waste since more of the wood goes into the final product than cutting square lumber from round trees. Freres produces and sells residuals such as bark dust, chips and sawdust which are used in a variety of industries such as farms and nurseries.

Freres Forest Land