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Freres Lumber Co., Inc., since 1922

We specialize in creating the highest quality products across the wood products spectrum from raw log to finished products, including: hog fuel, bark fines, chips, shavings, specialty veneer, grade lumber, high-quality sheathing grade plywood, electricity, and our patented Mass Ply Panels.

Our family-owned and operated companies include Freres Lumber Co., Inc, Freres Timber, and Evergreen BioPower LLC. Freres Lumber has three manufacturing locations in the Santiam Canyon.

Freres is committed to providing family wage jobs and operates six plants:

Plant 1: Small Log Veneer + Lumber Studmill
Plant 2: Large Log Veneer
Plant 3: Plywood, Sheathing Mill
Plant 4: Veneer Drying
Plant 5: Evergreen BioPower Cogeneration
Plant 6: MPP Facility

Freres Family

Freres Lumber Company

Freres Lumber Co., Inc. is an Oregon-based premier wood products manufacturing company dedicated to bringing innovative, high-quality and environmentally sound wood products to market.

Freres Lumber traces its roots to the hills above the Little North Fork of the N. Santiam River in 1922, nurtured by the patriarch of the Freres family, T.G. Freres.

The company is almost one hundred years old, and remains a presence in Oregon’s Santiam Canyon today, providing local family-wage jobs and producing high-quality wood products.

Freres follows sustainable management practices throughout its operations and the guidelines set by the American Tree Farm (ATF).

Sunrise over Freres - Photo by Troy Hays, a Millwright in Lyons

Over a Century of Innovation

Freres is a closely-held family business and its executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in the timber and wood products industries. More than 450 employees support, and are supported by, these operations. The company’s team members are what make Freres one of the premier veneer and panel manufacturers in the world.

The company’s core values include a deep respect for wood, the forests our fiber comes from, and the benefits to society that wood products provide. We also have a long-running love of innovation, which motivates us to do more with less of one of the world’s most valuable resources.

That innovative streak inspired us to evolve from lumber to veneer manufacturing in 1958, it lead the company into plywood manufacturing in 1998, and it encouraged us in 2007 to build a cogeneration facility that supplies renewable power to 5,000 homes. In 2017, Freres’s innovation has lead to what could possibly be the most significant new mass timber product in the world, the Mass Ply Panels, or MPP. 

Freres Timber

Freres Timber owns and operates over 17,000 acres of timberland, primarily located in the Santiam Canyon. Harvesting is performed on a sustained yield basis, and is managed to provide high quality timber for current and future generations.

Freres has a history of being mindful about its environment impact and has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable practices as a wood product industry leader in sustainable practices through commitment to forest stewardship and continued investment in innovative products and processes.

Crane with Logs

Renewable Energy – Cogeneration Plant

Recycled urban wood and residuals from manufacturing operations provides renewable bio-mass energy to Freres’s Evergreen BioPower cogeneration plant. Biomass energy, a renewable energy, is obtained from combusting wood debris to generate steam, which is then either utilized as heat in manufacturing processes or used to generate electricity.

Evergreen BioPower LLC

Freres Lumber’s cogeneration facility, Evergreen BioPower LLC, uses steam produced by combusting biomass to generate electricity, which is delivered to PGE.

The facility generates enough power to provide electricity to over 5,000 households. It is operated as a true renewable cogeneration facility: generating power through a condensing turbine while simultaneously providing heat for plant production processes.

Plant 5 - Power Plant
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